Relationship Between Employers and Employees

How it used to be: How it is today:
  1. Employees did not plan to change jobs or companies too often. Employers did not trust those who change jobs every few years.
  2. Employer = Caretaker. Companies laid off workers only when things were really bad. Workers planned to be in one full-time job long term.
  3. Employees stayed with one employer for a long time to get good benefits. Employers paid benefits based on how long you worked and your wage.
  1. Employees tend to change jobs every few years. Each move brings more skills and opportunities.
  2. Layoffs are more common. Workers see employers as customers. Full time employees act as contractors. Part-time positions are more common.
  3. Employees take their retirement plans with them when they change jobs. Workers are in charge of their own retirement plans.

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