How to Gain Skills

Do you have the skills and education that employers want? Not sure? Explore Careers can help you learn about employers.

One of the best ways to expand your skills is through education and training. Make sure that your education connects to occupations that fit your interests and skills.

There are five steps to help get the right education for you. The exercises will help you look at schools that fit your needs.

Step 1: Pinpoint occupations that interest you.
Use the Rank Your Occupations (pdf) worksheet to list your desired occupations and the education needed. List the pros and cons of each. Rank them in order to help you decide.

Step 2: Look at your education options

Step 3: Look at what schools have to offer

Step 4: Track your research on schools.
Use the  School Research (pdf) to record what you've learned from talking with schools.

Step 5: Choose education options.
You've found several options that fit your goals.  How do you choose?  Use the results of your School Research (pdf) on the Weigh Your Options (pdf) to help you make decisions.  Talk over your decisions with people who are supportive of you.

Resources to Help You Gain Skills

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