Know Your Work Skills

Transferable Skills

The transferable skills in this category are skills that can be used in many different types of jobs. In other words, they transfer from one job to another with ease. Some examples are:

• Organizational skills
• Problem-solving skills
• Clear written and oral communication skills
• Flexibility to work with others and in many places
• Time management skills
• Prioritization skills

Recognizing the whole package of skills you have is very important. The entire package of skills you have is called a “Skill Set.”

Job seekers tend to think their most important skills are their job-related skills. These skills are important, but often employers will select a job seeker with less experience who is able to represent their adaptive and transferable skills well in an interview. This is one reason knowing and being able to understand and describe your entire skill set can often give you an advantage in getting the job you really want.

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