Find Job Openings

Employers look favorably on job seekers who know about them. They also like job seekers who know why they are a good fit. Don't apply for "any job" in any career cluster.

Start by thinking about the type of job you really want and go after it.  Target Your Job Search (pdf).

Next, spend time researching employers.
How do you know which employers to research? There are two ways. One is by finding advertised job leads. The other is searching the hidden job market. See Networking for more about the hidden job market. Learn how to Research Employers.

Find advertised job leads.
Once you find job leads, make sure you research each employer. See Research Occupations (pdf) before you apply. Then, contact employers directly. See Employer Contact Script (pdf).

1. Employer Websites:

  • Most employers post their job openings online. You can look at company websites and learn about the company before you apply.

2. Job Boards or Job Banks: These are websites that post job openings.

3. Temporary or Placement Agencies:

  • Employment aenciegs find short-term and contract positions. If interested, learn more about them. Ask your library or career coach. Be careful using employment services. Make sure you know are clear on the terms of your agreement.

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