Step 2: Look at Your Education Options

Here are education options for you to think about. You can ask at a library about local options. You can also talk about your options with a career coach.

Education Options Description
Adult Basic Education Adult Basic Education classes are free. They help people who are 16 and older and who are not in school. Students can improve their basic skills such as reading, math, listening, and speaking. Some classes help prepare people for better jobs or for getting ready for more education.
Apprenticeship Programs An apprenticeship program is a training plan based on employers’ needs. It helps potential employees learn the skills of an occupation or trade. Students learn the standard skills in a classroom. Also, they learn on the job and sometimes get paid. Sometimes they are supported by trade or labor groups.
Certifications Certifications are tests that measure your work knowledge. Some employers like hiring people with these skills. Interested students should ask if their school will prepare them for certifications. Many certifications require a degree. Here is a list of certifications.
Degrees A degree is given by a college or university. It means that you completed a course of study. An associate’s degree usually lasts 2 years or less. A bachelor’s degree usually takes 4 or more years. You may need to take classes to get ready for college.

Licenses are the required knowledge and skills for some jobs. Licenses often vary by state. It is against the law to work in these jobs without a license. These workers need to keep going to school to keep up their license. Interested students should ask if a school will prepare them for a license.

Online Learning Online learning is a great option for many students. You learn by doing.  To learn, you read, write and perform other activities.  You can take one course. Or you can earn a certificate or a degree. For the right students, online learning makes it easier to go to school.
U.S. Military The military offers hundreds of jobs to help you get skills and meet your goals.

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